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10:39am 07-01-2015
it's great, a pleasure to gaze at it!
9:34am 07-01-2015
I love the hypnotic factor to your work. It's beautiful and you just can't take your eyes off it. I can imagine if any of your paintings were in a room, it would definitely be the focal point of that room. Beautiful, soulful.
8:49am 07-01-2015
Absolutely stunning artwork !
11:45pm 04-28-2015
I have just discovered your artwork and I think it is wonderful. I love your use of colors, so innovative and captivating. I am especially fond of the dogs. Thank you for expressing your talent so beautifully.
9:35pm 04-26-2015
Thank you for your art and the posts in Wetcanvas about gouache over acrylic. I was searching for that topic as I was having some difficulty getting the gouache to adhere.
12:05pm 03-15-2015
Absolutely love your work. Your use of colour and shape really captured the imagination. I have a miniature shnauzer and am looking to purchase some of your work which is so lively and colourful....uplifting.
2:00pm 03-10-2015
I bought one of yours prints on EBay . I love your art .
5:03pm 02-27-2015
I love your work.please please can you do an English bull terrier
8:15pm 02-22-2015
I really love the horse ones best but I like most of them.
7:46am 01-24-2015
je découvre vos œuvres sur internet. j'aime beaucoup votre travail : originalité, couleurs de la vie, ...les animaux revêtent les couleurs carnavalesques et gaies j'aime. merci
5:26pm 01-16-2015
Sherry I love your work I have thought for a long time your work would be wonderful on one of my gourds. Have you ever thought of painting on a gourd ? if you would like to try it I will bring one to the WAG.meeting this month and give to you.
and have you ever painted a tree frog?See you at the meeting
your WAG librarian Linda Oagland
12:10am 12-04-2014
Lynn pawley
Love you prints. Ordered 3 for gifts and 3 for me. Got them all framed and they are just beautiful! Yea for early Christmas.
8:06pm 11-06-2014
12:28pm 09-17-2014
Hi! I am also a pet lover living in Chesterton, IN. Thanks for being a great google result when I enter my name. I mean our name
1:53pm 09-13-2014
Hi l love all your colorful work. I am a water colorist /print maker live just across the border in Vancouver Canada.
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