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2:50pm 07-28-2018
Karen Ensminger
Hi Sherry! I love your artwork! Would love to have you do a commission someday of my sweet Scarlett. She’s a Black/white Havanese! I found you on Etsy! Will be in touch eventually! I also have had several cats that might be neat to put them all in one painting! Will think about that too.
1:58pm 04-25-2017
Tammy brooks
Love your artwork. God definitely blessed you with talent.
8:28am 12-19-2016
Ryszard Garmada
Dear Mrs. Shipley,
Once again, thank you for the beautiful English Blue. All my family and friends are delighted.
  Thank you
Ryszard Garmada
Warsaw , Poland
3:26pm 10-16-2016
Jose T Garcia
Marvelous art!!! I love your use of color. Your technique is unique and exquisite. Very inspiring! Makes me want to paint more! thank you!!!
3:08pm 05-20-2016
Love your art.. have for years After years away, I had to drop in and visit once more
6:36pm 12-25-2015
Daria Hewitt
I saw your zebra mom & colt at my work place . I loved it but out of my price range & too big for my small home. Ideal size would be 20X20'ish
I saw one on-line cave drawings that were horses. Am interested depending on size & cost.
But wondered if a personalized pet portrait could be an option?

Daria Hewitt
6:46pm 11-28-2015
Wonderful works!
I've never seen such colurful paintings following on one hand Kandinsky, and on the other Delacroix and his horses.
You should create an article in Wikipedia in order to make the people more familiar with your so creative person.
With compliments,
1:06pm 07-05-2015
C. Lisa Dougherty
Love the artwork - especially the animals! Do you also do dogs? Compliments to Sherry Shipley!
5:39pm 07-03-2015
Terri Vineyard
Beautiful them all.
4:23pm 07-02-2015
Valerie Truax
Your work is beautiful. It is exquisite and imaginative. Your brushwork is masterful and I haven't seen anything like it, which makes it so very unique. You have a asterful command of your brushstrokes and great colors. I ran across your website on Facebook and am blown away.
8:21am 07-02-2015
12:08am 07-02-2015
Beautiful work!
11:18pm 07-01-2015
Touches my heart art.
8:53pm 07-01-2015
Lynne Ann
Beautiful Art....Especially LOVE the cats
4:24pm 07-01-2015
Beautiful art work.
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