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9:52pm 05-04-2014
I love your colorful Shih Tzu drawing and was wondering if you would sign a release to let me use it on a t-shirt. Just 1 shirt, for my own personal use. Thank you, Debi Cotten 607-376-2755
8:33pm 05-04-2014
love your arts and please visit my gallery at
hope we can share some great ideas
7:11pm 04-19-2014
Love your art. Beautiful.
6:29pm 01-20-2014
Good evening mrs. Shipley,
Recently, i have recently acquired a small oil painting signed as "M. SHIPLEY, 1959". Wondering if it is the artwork done by someone related to you. Just curious to know more about this artist. And thanks for your time.
Sabrina Tims
Mobile, Alabama
10:58am 10-08-2013
Browsing thru ebay and found some of your beautiful prints which in turn brought me to seek out your web site.I LOVE them all! Thank you for the colorful fun you put into each one!
11:57am 08-22-2013
Hi sherry, I LOVE your art!
Keep them coming. Do you have a Border Collie?
9:24pm 08-11-2013
First I have to let you know how positively wonderful your art is. All. Of. It. I do stained glass and am wondering if you ever give permission to use one of your art pieces as a rendering do be done in glass. Thanks you so much. Your work is like a carnival of colors for my eyes.
10:20pm 05-10-2013
Beautiful! Love your style..
6:06pm 02-04-2013
A WOW from germany. Beautiful paintings!

3:00pm 01-28-2013
Got a print for Christmas, it was beautiful.
8:59pm 12-19-2012
Bought Zen Bear on ebay. Think it is really,really beautiful.
Bob Morris
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